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The purpose and why I love what I do

As soon as I began to travel at the beginning of 2018, I had a strong feeling

that traveling and photography would become an important part in my life.

I traveled around the world and very soon I fell in love with the wonderful
beauty of nature and since then my curiosity to discover the world and to find something new has begun to blossom.

Suddenly I had set high hopes and expectations for myself since I now wanted to discover
the mystery and meaning of our existence.

Somehow it felt strange
but it felt right to go and search for a deeper meaning in life.

I was very curious about this matter because I wondered in awe about our
nature and cosmos that is surrounding us.

So I kept asking myself, how important our daily life problems are compared to the astonishing beauty of this universe.

If I am looking at myself relatively to the cosmos, what am I miniscule being, compared to that infinite greatness?

Such questions arose within me, also question such as:

Is there something more than that what we call our daily life?
The essence of our nature, the nature of what we are, what might it be?

If I ask myself about this matter seriously, it inevitably arises the following question:

What does it mean to be a human being?
Not from a scientific or biological perspective but from a spiritual point of view.

At this time, as of today, in the western world and for the most of us including me,
I believe that the answer to this question is something that can not be scientifically answered, grasped, nor quantified, something which eludes and surpasses our current understanding, perception and knowledge.

In response to the question ,,Why Curiousufo Photography?'', I would like to tell you a short story to bring a little bit of light to the matter:

In my early days of traveling and photographing, my first great solo trip
abroad was a trip to Japan.

Being there alone and having a to do list full of places which had to be visited and photographed, I felt like a NASA probe which was sent to another planet to take pictures.

It's challenging sometimes, but through getting exposed to new cultures I realised that I really love to discover unknown ways of living and thinking.

I also discovered for myself that I like to experience new ways of seeing the world.

I kept asking myself what it does mean or what consequences and limitations it has to belong to a particular culture, or to follow traditions, to have borders around countries,
or to belong to a particular nation or religion, if one does.

It then happened at the same time that I began to search the world consciously for subtle qualities and changes in light and colour.

From my early childhood days on I was fascinated and delighted
how light is able to make colours vibrant and alive.

Also how light changes the mood of how we perceive
inanimate or animate things was fascinating to me.

In short:
A distinctive quality of light is able to completely change
how we look at the world around us.

In every part of the world I had visited during the last years, I observed that a highly individual flair like a distinctive fragrance has always been present in the air.

This experience of perception is unique like a fingerprint, fragile like an old beloved memory from the distant early childhood days in the past, partly shrouded in the vague mist of time.

Maybe they have the sweetness of smooth, warm, bright light that originates and radiates from within our memories.

Through having those experiences and through seeing many cultures and lifestyles around the world, also through looking into how people are interacting with each other in different cultures, I realised that most people don't take time in peace to see the eternal fact that beauty is around and within each one of us.

Instead of taking our time to have a look at this, I think that we all have been so busy and occupied with other things in our life nowadays.

To dedicate myself to make the amazing beauty, might and grace of nature visible, this omnipresent energy that surrounds everyone of us in every moment of our life, also these elusive perceptions we all have, and to make those fleeting, ever-present but fragile qualities visible, that makes great sense to me.

If I keep all this in mind, my aspiration to express all this is inevitable for me.

Surely it is not an easy task but it's a sensible and valuable personal challenge on which
I hope and like to grow.

In my opinion that kind of universal beauty is applicable to everyone around the world regardless of origin, culture or belief.

A picture alone can talk a lot more than a thousand words can do, and if it's so, I hope to tell a story, new, untold with a grain of magic.

I aspire to display the world poetic and beautiful as it actually is.
Also I strive to let people see the cosmos with its overwhelming beauty
which in fact lies directly within us.

Instead of merely believing in something, I strongly feel through my own experience that
there is something great but subtle which lies far or maybe near the monotony of the so called routines of our everyday life.

The more deeper one looks in this fact, it gets apparent that, in a deep sense, nature is an inseparable part of every one us.

Whenever I see the beautiful yet soft light of a waxing crescent moon shining
over a wide mountain range at night,
the moon which tries and seems to be able to hold back the sun light with all it's might,
in those moments I feel serenity.

I feel and think that maybe that is where our true origin lies.

The idea behind CURIOUSUFO PHOTOGRAPHY is an inner attitude and a notion, to be curious, to discover something new in our life and to be able to see the world like someone who is somehow alien to it, but in a positive way whilst keeping a fresh, noble spirit within ourselves.

I hope that you enjoy reading my website.

Thank you.

Yours affectionately,


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