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What is your site about?

My site provides my readers with my photographs and insights I had when traveling the world.
My aim is to provide my readers with good notions, fabulous colours and never seen beautiful Landscapes. I hope to positively enrich the world through my work.

What do you write about?

Well, I write about a wide variety of different stuff really.
I hope to write and to take photographs about subjects that are inspiring. The purpose is to widen the horizon of perception of the observer, so that there is a significant change within the viewer to a certain extent that he or she becomes able to see and perceive the whole world suddenly in a different context and manner.

Most blogs are about photography or gear reviews or Tutorials or any other genre only.

Here I take a quite different approach because in my opinion photography is about freedom and joy, beauty and life. Subtle qualities that we all perceive and feel, qualities that are lively present within us but being non permanent, fleeting, fugitive like perfume and fragile like an idea in it's nature.

If anything I have to say or write enriches your life or if it contributes positively to it, I am sure that your photography or anything you do will definitely also improve.

Photography means, seeing, to look and to realise a fraction of something which is infinite and overwhelmingly multifaceted like our universe and life. A good picture captures a small part of this might, but despite being a part of the whole and therefore incomplete it somehow happens that it contains the whole in this fragment.
Does it make sense?

Anything else to add?

Sure I write reviews, impressions when traveling to different locations, which you can find on my blog.

What is the shop section?

There you can find useful stuff, like inspiring books, essentials for photographers, which I have tried and tested.
Things that do their stuff very well, they simply work and of course they don't disappoint. :-)

Soon you will find some of my own works in this section.

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