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All photographs and texts which can been seen or which are displayed on this website are photographed by myself, also all copyrights of those images are owned by myself, except when they are stated otherwise.

Articles and photographs may be used in your blog, but the source of the text or image has to be clearly indicated and has to be linked back to this site.

All suggestions, tips in my articles are based on my personal experience which I have had with the products, and they are based on my own opinions or beliefs.

All information shared on this website are my own honest opinions and they are unbiased.

If I should be ever in a partnership with companies or brands, the relationships are going to be clearly displayed on my articles.

Regarding to the accuracy of the products which are mentioned in my articles:
I always try my best to find the latest and most accurate information available.

But since it’s a fast pacing world, information which is provided in my articles may become obsolete or incorrect/inaccurate when time passes. Under these circumstances accuracy, completeness or correctness of information can not guaranteed..

Suggestions, recommendations and tips provided in my articles are tried an true through my own experience in the field, but some things are matter of taste or matter of photographing or lifestyle habits.

It can happen that something which works for me, might not work for you.

There are situations in photography that have to be decided case by case in which one simple formula to solve a question or problem does not suffice.

Under these aspects it can not be guranteed that all information provided on this site is going to work for you, in 100% of all situations you are going to encounter. You might encounter certain situations through your trips and photography journeys in which my tips can not be applied.

All e-mail addresses which are collected through this website are only used for personal communication and are never going to be used for anything besides that.

Collected e-mail addresses are definitely not going to be sold or distributed to third parties.

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