Quick Tips To Improve Your Home Office Experience, Part 1: Clean Air

Aktualisiert: Aug 26

How To Turn Your Working Place At Home To A Heavenly Oasis Of Bliss

Quick Tips To Improve Your Home Office Experience:

Part 1: Clean Air

This article belongs to a series of articles in which I would like to dedicate myself to the question about how to improve our life at home and how to transform our living space to a more inspiring place.

Based on my own experience and research, I would like to cover one topic per article to guide you to a more enriching living and working experience at home.

Here I also go in more detail what is needed to achieve a clean space and how to get fresh air, since it’s the most essential foundation which needs to be set, ideally before further steps for improvement can be taken.

Let's begin with the simple fact that for most of us our home is the place where we spend the most of our time.

This becomes more evident, since the COVID-19 pandemics has all spread around the world.

Risk reducing measurements like higher hygienic standards, home office and social distancing became part of our every day lives.

So to cope with this whole challenging situation, one recommendable step is to make yourself a better and inspiring place at home to counter fatigue and stress.

For this I am of the opinion that it’s absolutely crucial, that at first the air you are breathing at home is clean and free from harmful chemical substances.

In this particular article I would like to go into the question what home office means for us nowadays and then further explain step by step the simple steps one can take to transform our homes to a better working and living environment.

1.1: Why it is important and good to have clean air at home

As I have explained before the first element we should consider is the most important but most of the time also the most disregarded one: It’s the air we all breathe.

Therefore I dedicate this article to the improvement of the indoor air quality since air is the most vital and subtle element which surrounds us.

To transform our home to a more livable place, we should at first begin to transform this element to the better, since it’s one of the most important and fundamental elements which makes life possible, because without air we simply cannot live or exist.

Also it’s not only important to simply have air available but what matters is not only where it comes from but much more important is how the quality of it is.

So to begin with my explanation, let us begin to see how we live and work nowadays and what working at home means with all its implications.

1.2: What Home Office means and how it changed how we work and live

Nowadays, at the present time with the presence of the global pandemic, more and more employees from many companies, are transitioning to do their work at home. For safety reasons and to protect employees from the Corona Virus and to reduce the possibility of new infections with the virus, employees are consequently sent to home office. The best known companies which took those measurements at first are big players of the IT industry like Apple, Facebook and Google.

But even many smaller and mid-sized companies are making this step towards sending their employees to home.

With this extraordinary situation given by the pandemic, this seems to be the new status quo on how work is getting done and at the moment it’s the situation we need to become accustomed to.

But what does home office mean exactly, how does it change our lives?

To begin to form an answer to this question, I would like to tell you about my actual life situation in short, so that you have a better impression of what all this means.

When I first began to do my office work at home, I began to realize how much it changed my way to work and live. When you ask why: First and in short I think it‘s because of the simple fact that you hardly go out of your house anymore.

For example you don’t need to commute to your office in the morning, also because of this you save about an hour per day. It’s that one hour commuting time to arrive at your working place and also getting back to home after your work is done.

The time which we need to commute is approximately about an hour or more, or maybe less, of course depending on where you live and how far the distance to your office is.

Therefore we save about 1 hour on a daily basis. So what do we do with this one hour saved per day?

The fact that you hardly have to go out of your house is quite convenient in my opinion but also a sad fact. Since you hardly leave your home except the absolutely necessary things, to protect yourself and your beloved ones from the virus one spends the time mostly at home.

Especially if you or others in the same household belong to a risk group, one restrains to go out except for the absolutely necessary things like buying groceries and to have a small walk to keep oneself fit.